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Kivipora HRD30

Kivipora HRD30

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The HYCON HRD30 is a “all-in-one” high performing handheld rock drill designed for the toughest drilling applications in granite and concrete up to 2,4 meters of drilling depths.

Using standard integral drill steel with air-flushing from the integrated compressor combined with a high performing hydraulic impact and rotation unit makes the HRD30 the most effective handheld rock drill machine available on the market. The airflow of the integrated compressor is sufficient for most standard drilling in granite or concrete.

Compact in size the HRD30 performs in line (or better) with larger pneumatic type drills where costly and large compressors will make it difficult to get and transport to jobsites.

The HRD30 rock drill is ideal for anchoring holes as well as blast- or splitting holes measuring between 25-50 mm depending on drilling depth. It delivers more precise hole sizes too, which is useful when working with non-dynamite destruction solutions such as expanding smoke cartridges or an expanding cracking agent (Bentonamit).

This combined with the core characteristics of hydraulics makes it very easy to get even the toughest job done. Simply connect it to one of HYCONs compact hydraulic power packs – and start drilling.

- Integrated air flushing compressor
- Up to 2,4 m drilling depth
- Build-in oil motor for drill rotation
- Mobile and suitable for hard to reach places
- Vibration reduced handles

Tekniset tiedot:

Suurin virtaus ja paine, l/min / bar
25 - 30
Hex, mm
Tärinä, m/s
Melutaso, LWA dB
Paino, kg

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