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890PG Hydraulic-Powered Utility Chain Saw

If you’re looking for the highest level of performance and cutting capability, look no further. The 890PG Hydraulic-Powered Utility Chain Saw offers cutting depths up to 25” (63 cm) in ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, HDPE, and Insituform lining. The deep cutting ability of the 890PG with PowerGrit® utility chain, allows the operator to make a single cut from one side meaning less excavation is required. The 890PG is also capable of operating the full-line of 890F4 ProFORCE™ concrete cutting chains, meaning you can use the saw on masonry, stone, and even reinforced concrete - perfect for pipe taps, utility vaults, bridge work, and other utility applications.

Tekniset tiedot:

Paino, kg
12.4 (38 cm laipan ja ketjun kanssa)
Laipan pituus, cm
jopa 63 cm
Moottorin kierrosluku, rpm
6100 rpm / 6500 rpm
Sahan rungon mitat, cm
P=58.5, K=26.5, L=24
107 dB @ 1 m
Veden tarve, bar
min 1.5 bar
Vääntö, Nm
13,8 / 19.2
Teho, kW
8.5 kW / 13 kW

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